Creating opportunities

Sydney Gateway will support more than 4,000 jobs over the life of the project. We will create over 1,000 direct jobs during the busiest construction period, and around 3,000 indirect jobs every construction year.

We will provide training and on-the-job learning to prepare a new generation of workers for a future in the construction sector.

We also want to increase diversity in our workforce. This means that we will deliver training and opportunities to include more women, youths, Aboriginal people and Aboriginal-owned businesses in our industry.

This project will bring in an estimated $2.2 billion in economic activity for suppliers. As a priority, we are focussing on using local businesses who can provide goods and services to our project.


You can register your interest as a business or person interested in working on Sydney Gateway. This means that we will keep you up to date on upcoming opportunities.

Opportunities for businesses Opportunities for jobs on the project