Glossary of terms

Common terms




An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is a publicly available document that provides information on a project, including its environmental impacts and mitigation measures, and is used to inform development consent decisions if the project is approved.

Exploratory tunnel

A 3.1 km tunnel to the cavern of the proposed Machine Hall for the purposes of understanding geotechnical and underground conditions

Exploratory Works

A program of proposed works including the exploratory tunnel, the subject of this EIS. The works are further described in the interactive EIS report on this website and Chapter 2 of the full EIS report.

Snowy 2.0

A proposed pumped-hydro expansion of the Snowy Scheme that will link the two existing reservoirs of Tantangara and Talbingo through underground tunnels, and include a new underground power station with pumping capabilities.


Kosciuszko National Park


National Parks and Wildlife Service

Other terms



Access road upgrade

Upgrade works (realignment, widening or no widening) of existing access roads

Access road extension

A new access road that is an extension of an existing access road

Accommodation camp

Area used for temporary housing and facilities for construction personnel

Avoidance footprint

Areas excluded from clearing and ground disturbance due to sensitive environmental constraints

Barge access infrastructure

A ramp and associated facilities to allow the loading and unloading of barge(s) on Talbingo Reservoir

Camp bridge

The permanent bridge structure across Yarrangobilly River

Communications cable

Fibre optic communications cable in Talbingo Reservoir

Disturbance footprint

The area subject to clearing and ground disturbance

Lobs Hole

A former settlement location within Kosciuszko National Park, and primary location of Exploratory Works

Lobs Hole Mine

The site of a former copper mine circa 1908, located at Lobs Hole

Lobs Hole Road

The road at Lobs Hole, not the main access down to Lobs Hole

Lobs Hole Ravine Road

The main access road to Lobs Hole

Lower Lobs Hole Ravine Road

The section of Lobs Hole Ravine Road from where it crosses the transmission easement to Lobs Hole.

Middle Bay barge ramp

Location of barge access infrastructure at the southern end of Talbingo Reservoir

Middle Bay Road

The access road from the accommodation camp to the Middle Bay barge ramp. An extension to Middle Bay Road is proposed as part of Exploratory Works.

Miles Franklin Drive

Existing road leading to Spillway Road, for access to the Talbingo barge ramp

Mine Trail Road

The access road from the intersection with Lower Lobs Hole Ravine Road and the portal construction pad. An extension to Mine Trail Road is proposed as part of Exploratory Works.

On land rock emplacement area

The locations for rock emplacement at Lobs Hole being the western emplacement area and the eastern emplacement area

Permanent bridge

The permanent bridge crossings comprising Wallace Creek bridge and Camp bridge


Location of surface connection with the exploratory tunnel

Portal construction pad

Area used for construction for the exploratory tunnel and portal, including ancillary facilities, laydown and storage, and environmental controls

Project area

The area required to access and build the Exploratory Works infrastructure, including surface and underground components of the project.

Talbingo Spillway

Structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from Talbingo Dam into the reservoir

Tumut 3 power station

Power station at the northern end of Talbingo Reservoir

Spillway Road

The access road to Talbingo barge ramp

Subaqueous rock emplacement area

The location for rock emplacement within Talbingo Reservoir

Talbingo barge ramp

Location of barge access infrastructure at the northern end of Talbingo Reservoir

Temporary bridge

A temporary structure or causeway across a watercourse to allow construction of permanent bridges

Upper Lobs Hole Ravine Road

Upper Lobs Hole Ravine Road is the section from Link Road to where it crosses the transmission easement.

Wallaces Creek Bridge

The permanent bridge structure across Wallaces Creek

Water services pipeline

Utility pipeline for Exploratory Works providing water supply and waste water discharge between accommodation camp, portal construction pad and Talbingo Reservoir