Traffic surveys were conducted to evaluate current traffic and transport movement. The impact of the Exploratory Works on the road network, public and private transport, cycling and walking was considered.

During Exploratory Works, there will be multiple vehicles accessing the site from the external road network as well as circulating within the internal road network. The majority of these vehicles will be delivering materials associated with the construction of Exploratory Works elements.

The main local roads that are likely to experience additional demand due to Exploratory Works are the Snowy Mountains Highway, Link Road and Miles Franklin Drive based on the identified haulage and transport route to Lobs Hole. The existing roadway levels of service were compared against the predicted levels of service with the addition of traffic generated by Exploratory Works. The assessment showed that the additional vehicles on these roads are not expected to result in any reduction on the level of service.

Within the project area, roads include Lobs Hole Ravine Road, Lobs Hole Road, Mine Trail Road, Middle Bay Road and Spillway Road. These roads within the construction area will be closed to the public during Exploratory Works. Upgrades to these roads will also be required to allow safe access for trucks.

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