Transport Sustainability Plan

To achieve our sustainability vision of a NSW where every journey is people and planet positive, we needed to create a uniform approach to sustainability across all our modes of transport.

In 2020, Transport developed eight focus areas which address the most important sustainability aspects associated with the activities of Transport, each supported by sustainability goals, where we will concentrate our attention and resources.

Icon for respond to climate change

Respond to climate change

  • Net zero emissions by 2050
  • Consider climate change risks in all decisions
Icon for Protect and enhance biodiversity

Protect and enhance biodiversity

  • No net loss of biodiversity
Icon for Improve environmental outcomes

Improve environmental outcomes

  • Develop a circular economy for Transport by designing waste and pollution out and keeping products and materials in use
  • Reduce environmental impacts of projects and operations
Icon for Procure responsibly

Procure responsibly

  • All suppliers meet the standards in the Transport Supplier Sustainability Charter
  • Social and environmental outcomes included in all procurement decisions
  • Go beyond minimum compliance targets and Aboriginal Procurement Policy
Icon for Partner with communities

Partner with communities

  • Always leave a positive legacy for communities as a result of projects
  • Enable, apply and report on community engagement
Icon for Respect culture and heritage

Respect culture and heritage

  • Aboriginal culture is integrated and preserved
  • Acknowledge and incorporate culture through stories, examples, and best practice
Icon for Align spend and impact

Align spend and impact

  • All decisions consider value created from sustainability alongside financial analysis
  • Reduce whole of life costs for the transport network
Icon for Empower customers to make sustainable choices

Empower customers to make sustainable choices

  • Use customer journeys to inform, engage and inspire more sustainable practices and demonstrate Transport's progress

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Our Sustainability Plan will ensure we are being environmentally and socially responsible in the way we work, embedding economic sustainability in decision making and building a transport system that is resilient to future shocks and stresses.

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Transport Sustainability Plan 2021

Our Transport Sustainability Plan 2021 has been designed to make sustainability simple, consistent, transparent, tangible and accessible to all.

The 2021 plan identifies four key sustainability initiatives and an accompanying set of actions for 2021-22:

The Plan addresses a range of legislative requirements and is informed by key strategic and regulatory drivers:

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