Cadia Continued Operations Project

Project description

The Project Area at Cadia Valley Operations (”Cadia”) has been subject to a long history of mining. While Cadia is currently approved until 2031, Cadia's ore reserves are expected to support a mine life well beyond 2031 and beyond and we plan to continue to be part of the regional community for many decades to come.

What is the Cadia Continued Operations Project?

With ore reserves that are expected to support a mine life well beyond 2031 and the life of the current development consent, we have commenced planning for a long-term continuation to mining operations known as the Cadia Continued Operations Project (CCOP).

The CCOP includes identification of future tailings storage options, enhanced water security and of any mining related impacts beyond 2031. Initial investigations have been commenced, including a drilling program to the south of the operations to assess options for an additional Tailings Storage Facility, a review of various water management options and modelling of ongoing underground mining operations.

Key Aspects of the CCOP

  • Construction of a new Tailings Storage Facility (TSF4) to the south of and incorporating the current Southern TSF. TSF4 will provide capacity for the storage of tailings for the term of the CCOP (30 years).

  • An additional off-site water storage to provide enhanced security of water supply to the mine.

  • Continued underground mining in the Cadia East mining areas.

  • Realignment of local roads (Cadia Road, Panuara Road) to account for these additional project features.

What approvals will be required and what is to be assessed?

The CCOP will require development consent under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). The CCOP may also require approval under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). A variation to Cadia’s Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) will also be required, along with a new mining lease for the project area.

The approval applications will be accompanied by a detailed Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which will include comprehensive assessments identifying the potential environmental and social impacts of the CCOP and how to best manage these impacts. The detailed design of the Project will be informed by these studies to ensure that impacts are minimised as far as reasonably and feasibly possible.

A comprehensive Social Impact Assessment (SIA) will also be prepared as a key part of the EIS. The SIA will include a comprehensive community engagement program and be prepared following the DPIE's Social Impact Assessment Guideline. The environmental and social assessments will be integrated to assist us in designing a project that minimises environmental and social impacts, enhances the benefits to the community and allows our operations to continue to coexist with the community.

Cadia has commissioned Umwelt Environmental and Social Consultants to assist with the preparation of the EIS and SIA.

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