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Transport received a total of 48 formal submissions to the Heathcote Road bridge widening project's Review of Environmental Factors. We also received and responded to several comments and questions during our Facebook Live information session.
We thank you for your feedback and have released our submissions report for you to view on this website.

Transport for NSW is taking action to upgrade Heathcote Road bridge to be wider and safer. We’ve now carried out an environmental assessment to let you know of any likely impacts that construction will have on the Heathcote Road bridge and its surrounding environment.

We’ve consulted with biodiversity, heritage and urban design specialists as well as external agencies who have provided these findings.

We’ll be distributing a print community update to let everyone know of where to read the submissions report. We’ll also send you email updates to keep you updated about the project, if you’ve subscribed to the Heathcote Road bridge newsletter.