About the project

The NSW Government’s vision for Sydney is one of an integrated road and public transport network that gives you the freedom to choose how and when you get around, no matter where you live and work. Beaches Link and the Gore Hill Freeway Connection will change how you travel to and from the Northern Beaches.

What is the Beaches Link and Gore Hill Freeway project?

The NSW Government is committed to completing the missing links in the motorway network to support the growth of our communities, places and economy. This will enable people to move safely and reliably around our city and beyond and help create a well-connected and liveable place.

Traffic along Military Road, across the Spit Bridge and along Warringah Road can be challenging, especially during peak hour. Beaches Link and the Gore Hill Freeway Connection will change the way you travel to and from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. When completed, it will reduce travel times by improving capacity and reliability on critical transport routes on both sides of Middle Harbour.

This project will offer new direct connections from the Northern Beaches to Warringah Freeway and North Sydney, the Inner West (via the Western Harbour Tunnel) and St Leonards and Macquarie Park (via the Gore Hill Freeway Connection), linking people with more jobs, education and services. It will also benefit local businesses, by providing more direct and efficient access to and from the Northern Beaches for the movement of goods.

Beaches Link is also focused on outcomes for public transport. It will provide the opportunity for new express bus services to key centres, including St Leonards, Macquarie Park, North Sydney and Sydney CBD, and direct access to North Sydney for interchange with the new Sydney Metro and Sydney Trains. Those who rely on existing surface roads will also experience faster and more reliable bus trips on Military Road and Warringah Road.

Open space has also been a key aspect of the project. We will be returning the sites we temporarily use as new areas for the community to enjoy, such as the planned open space and recreation facilities at Balgowlah. We will also be upgrading existing shared paths and adding new paths, including a new shared user path along the Wakehurst Parkway.

Why we need Beaches Link and Gore Hill Freeway Connection

We’re addressing congestion, improving safety and providing more choice for how you move around Greater Sydney.

Improvements to road, rail and public transport will ensure our transport network enables easier, faster and safer journeys. That’s why we are investing more than $57.5 billion in transport infrastructure over the next four years, helping to grow the NSW economy and create tens of thousands of jobs in the process.

Infrastructure construction projects are currently considered essential to the economy and will continue as planned across the city and the state.

Supporting NSW amid COVID-19

The health and safety of our workforce and the wider community will be top of mind as we carry out our work. This will include ensuring our workers follow the appropriate hygiene and social distancing guidelines.